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Catalyst is the 2nd single taken from the incendiary debut album 'Come You Are Safe, We Are From The Bombs'. The release will also feature two tracks of new material that indicate their plans for the seemingly not-so-difficult 2nd album.

Public Relations Exercise are a Leicester based 5 piece. Having played every toilet venue through out this fair land Public Relations Exercise have built up a loyal, gig-committed and record buying fan base plus playing with the likes of Winnebago Deal, 65 days of Static, Hell is for Heroes, Million Dead, Reuben and Part Chimp their reputation has been building like a big "headliner-decapitating" snowball.

Relentless and refreshing; the band play an intelligent mix of post hardcore with Math-rock and Screamo overtones. Musically based around inventive rhythm's and discordant guitars, layered with penetrative and equally catchy vocals. The band's sound has been likened to At The Drive-in and The Blood Brothers, but those pigeon holes are just a crow-barred attempt to sum-up this genuinely fresh and exciting music.


wardlord: I think the vocalist was really good...
Hanu: Yeah, that was good; it was a mature, progressive kind of punk and hardcore...
warlord: And really kind of personal, the singer had really personal-sounding vocals. At the same time I was kind of disturbed that the drumming and the rhythm was chaotic and kind of breaking up at times. And that's actually when I realised that it was a good thing, because it was giving a really nice, hectic atmosphere to it all.


Rock Sound

Ones To Watch are never totally infallible guides - but if any band took the potential we saw in them and ran absolutely apeshit with it, it's Public Relations Exercise. This choice cut from Come You Are Safe, We Are From The Bombs opens with squalling spirals of guitar noise and doesn't let up until it screehces to a sudden stop, blasting along with all the frantic bluster of a brass band gone absolutely chuffing mental. the darker 'Chair Maid of Human Skeleton' and the elephant waltz of 'The Guy Asked Us a Favour...' do little to waver from the high quality of this refreshing post-hardcore assault. Job's a good 'un.


Rock Midgets 

Clearly the stand-out track from their debut LP, Catalyst was an obvious choice for a first single. Demonstrating P.R.E’s musical arsenal firing on all cylinders (how’s that for a mixed metaphor?), the lead track could not be a better 120 second introduction to the sonic avalanche that is their chosen discipline. Coupled with a brace of brand new material in the form of the delicately named ‘That man asked us a favor, And we lit him on fire’ and ‘Chair made of Human Skeleton’, which together take the bands erratic angle on post hardcore, and bolt on a healthy lump of extra-spastic riffery, above and beyond what we’ve seen from them before. And, as an added bonus, the fourth track is a reprise of the first – incase you’re so concussed after the b-sides that you’d forgotten what you were here for in the first place.



  • Public Relations Exercise - Catalyst

Public Relations Exercise - Catalyst

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