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Karhide is a solo studio project led by Tim Waterfield. Tim is the former main man of Ann Arbor, but Karhide is a totally different beast.  With ‘Acadia’, Tim has composed eight sumptuous masterpieces heavily influenced by the beauty and harshness of his time spent in Maine, USA.

Drawing influences from the likes of Black Sabbath, Slint, Pelican, Isis, Godflesh, Mogwai, 65Daysofstaic, Aereogramme, Mono, Maybeshewill, Atlantis and Princess, to name just a few, the result is a fusion between post rock, hardcore and electronica.  

On hearing the CD, Rock Sound immediately included Karhide as one of their bands to watch for 2010 and included the track ‘Stooge’ on their cover CD.  The initial release of the CD will be limited to 500 copies and has been hand screen printed, including a 12 page full colour booklet.  

The record was recorded in both the US and the UK, with drums added by Scott Briggs (My War, Sanzen and currently F.U.K) at the Moot Group in Nottingham.   The full length CD Acadia by Karhide is now ready and due for release on the 5th April 2010 through Field Records, with distribution via Cargo Records.  2010 will also see Karhide transform into a live project, with a number of dates already confirmed.


The latest addition to Field Records’ growing Family of electronica -  infused post-rock acts (see Princess, Atlantis, Sunnyvale Noise Sub-Element).  Karhide is the solo vehicle fro ex-Ann Arbor main man Tim Waterfield.  Recorded in part while living in Maine, USA, Waterfield has drawn inspiration from the area’s natural beauty  to create a captivating album full of light and shade.  The bass heavy metallic churn of opener ‘Dirigo’ wouldn’t sound out of place on Pelican’s debut EP, while ‘Ride’ melds soft, shimmering guitars, lush synth textures and skittering electronics to stunning effect. Limited to just 500 copies, interested parties shouldn’t delay in hunting this down.

For fans of Pelican, Mogwai, Atlantis


Rock Sound.

Following his time spent in Maine, USA, Tim Waterfield aka Karhide has produced a record influenced by his stay in the American state. 

Acadia is the name given to the area of North America which became home to early European colonists in the 1600's, which includes the state of Maine. It is also the namesake of his debut album, which portrays Karhide's clear fascination with the state through eight instrumental hunks of progressive sound - all connected in some way to the place that inspired him so much. 

Karhide may only be a one-man project, yet Acadia is an enormous record in both ambition and sound, which can be heard across the pleasurable thirty-six minute journey. Influences are drawn from a multitude of genres, and fused together to form a multi-layered long-player, expertly crafted and realised through experimentation with live instruments and programming.

Dirigo (meaning 'I lead' in Latin), is the state of Maine's motto, and also the title of Acadia's opening track. Just like the motto, this track is bold and confident whilst emitting a subtle heaviness - a theme which withstands through the entire record. From the dark corners of the opening track to the twinkly swoon of Ride which breaks down into a distorted electronic landscape, its hard to escape the hypnotic nature of Acadia. Chugging along at a steady, almost thoughtful pace, Karhide takes the time to delve into different pockets of emotion as the album bursts and blooms and rises and falls. Playing all the instruments himself, bar the live drums, Karhide has created a record rich in texture, abundant in emotion and full of reward. Definitely one to watch.

The verdict: 8.5 /10


One Beat


Since Nottingham's Ann Arbor called it a day a couple of years back, mainman Tim Waterfield has kept largely out of the limelight, splitting his time between the US and UK and keeping himself busy producing bands and as owner of the impeccable Field Records. Now back with his new project Karhide, apart from the help of SanZen drummer Scott Briggs, Waterfield is responsible for absolutely everything on Acadia, the band's solid debut album. Dealing in a brand of instrumental alt-rock that touches on the world of Pelican and Jesu, Acadia is a sterling effort that contains some cracking moments. While Acadia doesn't boast the same jaw-dropping innovation that make the likes of Maybeshewill and 65daysofstatic so appealing, or indeed the brilliant dynamics of Russian Circles, the slow-burning 'Ride' and the raging guitars of 'Penobscot' certainly push the right buttons.

All things considered Acadia is a sturdy platform for Karhide to build upon.

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  • Karhide - Acadia

Karhide - Acadia

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