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Kill Chaos is what happens when 3 youths from the ar*ehole ends of the country with stars in their eyes get a 4 year dose of reality in moderately successful bands. Bored with what’s happening at the moment and not bothered about scene chasing, the 3 came together in Shottingham to form Kill Chaos. Kill Chaos don’t care how many friends they have on myspace, they’re more concerned with playing rock music and if anyone likes it then that’s a bit of a bonus.

Actionier play big, singalonga math rock. Formed at the end of 2005, Actionier have since recorded a promo EP (The Mathlete EP), made 2 music videos, gigged extensively in the UK and Europe, and received positive endorsement from the likes of Huw Stephens (BBC Radio 1) and Alternative Press magazine.


Yet Another in a long line of soon-to-be-classic split 7″ singles from the unsparingly dedicated Field Records sees Kill Chaos and Actionier go head-to-head in one of the collections more visceral moments.

Kill Chaos’s turf on the A-Side is defended by the nonsensically monickered ‘OK On The O.K.’. A mighty slab of Helmet/Reuben/Verbena esque riffery which ascends to a brief moment of near orgasmic melodicism before falling in on itself. Its fair to say i was more than a little suprised by quite how good this side of the split is, having never lent more than a cursory ear to the various musicians involved’s previous efforts. An absolutely cracking first offering.


On the rear of the slice of the black stuff is Actionier’s ‘Freeview’. It’s a little gentler on the senses from the off, and is certainly a little more thoughtful, but explosions of Vitriolic rage like the shelling of some defenseless city mean it’s by no means a lazy Susan.


There have been few more perfect bedfellows on the other field splits, and though there are a couple of rough edges, this really is some astonishing handywork. Bladdy marvelous.

here really is nothing better for any striving rock band than to receive backing from legendary Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson. For this rock worshiping trio the dream has come true, and after one listen of this uncompromising single it is obvious the appreciation is certainly justified. With a booming and mighty pure rock sound from start to finish, this three piece appear to care little for the latest fashion, with a tune that is heavily hook laden and a salute to true British rock music in all its glory. With a youthful and undeniable ethic this is defiantly a single that deserves to be played at maximum chest pumping volume. For those of you with a taste for hair twirling good time British rock then this is essential listening.

**** ½


Nottingham Evening Post



Anyone who loves heavy, angry and pretty vicious raw rock music will certainly get their fix from Kill Chaos.
With a name like that you know what to expect from the off and they don't disappoint with their riotous single 'OK on the Ok', which is hammered out with passion and intent while also deafening your ears in the process – assuming it's given the treatment it deserves by being turned up to the max.
This young English trio sing about the days of drunkenness and rebellion while growing up in the traditional leafy middle-class towns Stratford Upon Avon and Leamington, which gives the track an extra amusing incentive to listen to.
Hopefully there's plenty more to come from Kill Chaos to boost what seems to be a dying breed in the current chart climate – but to be honest you can't help but get the impression these in-your-face rockers don't really care about that. And if you like this track, you probably won't care about those issues either.

  • Kill Chaos - Actionier Split 7"

Kill Chaos - Actionier Split 7"

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