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 Karhide - Every human being has two personalities: an archaic, primitive, childlike, unadapted personality, and a modern, sophisticated, adult, and, to all appearances, adapted personality.  Karhide make music the same way one minute - they are relaxed and chilled out and could loosely be described as ambient. Then the next you will be treated to thunderous thrashing of guitars.   Nautilus sees Karhide primitive mode with a full wall of angular guitars and urgent time signatures - an excellent three minute guitar work out.

Viola Dub - This great female fronted band give us 'Trust Me, I'm A Professional’ it is an epic, left-field track harnessed around dark poetry and simmering dynamics.  This band show us you can mix melody and noisy angular guitars to great effect.  


  • Karhide / Viola Dub Split 7"

Karhide / Viola Dub Split 7"

  • £1.50

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