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A renegade juggernaut tears across a waterless wasteland, spewing toxic fumes - only breaking momentum while stopping town to town, to take on board gas and alcohol and delivering, the all important, rock ......and that is exactly what this split seven inch does, welcome on board friends....

Rising from the ashes of acclaimed ‘guitarnoisepop’ monsters TEAM, please allow me to introduce the mighty Dobermann and their ill cousins Death of London.

Death of London - So you want to know about the sceptic’s phenomenon know as Death of London eh? Well, they still are mighty young in band terms. Initially conceived at a Methodist Centre gig in September 2006, the tangible form transpired in February 2007 to unleash the dreamt about potential and here it now is. Wow! Aren’t figures and facts great? Five or six practices later they only went and recorded “a pound. a bite.” at dub:rek studios in derby. Not only did it sound good, field records wanted to put it out on the streets

Dobermann - A fissiped mammal with non-retractable claws squeezed into a 3 piece rock beat combo, have pinned firmly to the mast their riff based wizardry.  No spell to difficult cast, no voyage too treacherous to undertake, these men are hell bent on delivering the finest quality riffage this fair and pleasant land can offer.  With an unlikely background in Martial arts and Military service, Dobermann create what can be described as ‘rock’ music, the way it should be, without a can of hairspray, or sniff of spandex in sight.  Beware you have been warned.

This sexy seven inch is the first release for both bands and stands as an introduction into the two different worlds created by each artist.

Turn it up my lucky friend and enjoy the ride!



A ferocious beast has emerged in the form of Death of London, and another is heavily breathing, enraged and staring it in the face. It goes by the name Dobermann. These two Leicester hounds release their mayhem on limited edition 7 inch vinyl on August 6th with a few tour dates to coincide.


The first round starts off with 'A Pound a Bite', which is Death of London's powerful offering. Distorted and angry, they haul a verbal attack and couple it with deep guitar strikes which force you to stand to attention.


Pounding their beats and ready to fight, Dobermann challenge this with 'The Wizards of Speed and Time' – a fast, groove and wild riff-laden rollercoaster of a ride. Wright's vocals are ballsy and powerful, without a bland note in sight.


It's a close battle, but each contender is equally victorious. Brimming with aggression and originality, the game is on for both attackers. Unworthy bystanders beware, make way for the future of Dobermann and Death of London. Feel their wrath.  
Kissing Just For Pactice



Death of London - A Pound. A bite. / Dobermann - The Wizards of Speed and Time (Field)

It was a dark day in tasty towers when TEAM announced that they were taking a break from recording but every cloud has a silver lining and this one has been thoroughly polished with Brasso. Death of London features a couple of the former TEAM band members and discovers the darker dropped guitar tones which never surfaced in their former existence. Very Partchimp. Very heavy. very good yes.

Dobermann on the other hand, are the turbo charged Mustang in comparison to the shuddering juggernaut of rock that is Death of London. A much more rock n roll vibe and Dave Wright exercising his vocal chords in a much more wholesome way than in 'A Pound. A bite.' Two gems for the price of one from the ever impressive Field Records.


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  • DeaTH oF LonDoN / Dobermann Split 7"

DeaTH oF LonDoN / Dobermann Split 7"

  • £1.50