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Cats And Cats And Cats - If you want angular indie rock with an emo-hardcore slant AND lengthy instrumental passages then I can’t imagine it being done better than this

Tired Irie -  a glorious mix of Q & Not U, Shipping News and some math-pop dream!


The 8th instalment of Field Records’ split 7” series, this vinyl serves up two heaping portions of highly intricate post/math/whatever flavoured rock. Catsx3 begin the proceedings with a lovely jaunt through math-rock meadows, complete with country dance accordions and woodland violins. Tired Irie’s offering is a solid slab of irresistibly dancey post-punk, all staccato drums, twitching guitars and gang chant vocals building to an epic climax of biblical proportions.


  • Cats And Cats And Cats / Tired Irie Split 7"

Cats And Cats And Cats / Tired Irie Split 7"

  • £1.50