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Albatross Conspiracy is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist Tanya Byrne (ex-Maybeshewill). She uses her computer and any instruments she has lying about to make music which has been described as a "marvelous mish mash of genres". Drawing inspiration from classical music, as well as more contemporary ambient, drone and electronic genres, Tanya has a pretty eclectic writing style.

Albatross Conspiracy does not trust birds. "They always look like they are up to something....."


Tam Rush is a solo project, which started in autumn 2005 with a first 4-track unreleased recording titled "three walls".

"Three Walls is cleverly-calculated exercise in restraint throughout, maintaining an icy distance and teasing out ideas slowly before whipping them jealously out of reach just when you’ve got a handle on the track". (December 2005).

The song "misunderstood" from this recording was used as part of a soundtrack for a photography exhibition during "le festival des musiques actuelles de Boulogne Billancourt" (

Since then, Tam Rush has been writing new material for a new album "walking in her mind" and this split single features “Let’s get things Straight”.


Tam Rush is currently recording a new EP as well as working on the soundtrack of French director, Tom Hanson, forthcoming film "nos vies extimes".



  • Albatross Conspiracy / Tam Rush Split 7"

Albatross Conspiracy / Tam Rush Split 7"

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