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Having worked out apprenticeships with high-profile Brit bands Pitchshifter and The Blueprint, Matt Grundy is truly an unsung hero of the UK Metal scene. At last given the opportunity to spread his wings Superstructure Of An Era sees him come-of-age despite being the guitarist’s debut solo release.

Yet Grundy doesn’t view Princess as a true ‘solo-project’, insisting instead that it is in fact simply "a band no-one else wanted to be in!" That didn’t remain the case for long, though, and since working on material alone he’s received more and more interest from fellow musicians eager to get involved. But there is still no doubt that what he has achieved with Princess actually owes a great deal to the lack of a band.

The result is a complete departure from anything you will have heard Matt Grundy perform on before, in any of his previous incarnations. Drawing influences from the likes of Slint, Mogwai, Neurosis, Godflesh, Envy, Squarepusher, Boom Bip, DJ Shadow and Autechre to name just a few the result is the missing link between post-rock, hardcore, electronica and hip-hop yet all with an unmistakable tinge of Britsh prog-rock at its best. Simultaneously epic and reverential Superstructure of An Era manages to achieve greatness without becoming either ostentatious or pretentious.


When not grinding the axe in Nottingham rockers The Blueprint, Matt Grundy as been busy working on his own project under the Princess Moniker. If you like your music vocal-free, sprawling, expansive and menacing, then 'Superstructure of an Era' is going to be right up your street. Sublime opener 'Forerunner' lulls you into a flase sense of security before tracks like 'The Black Outlines' (which could easily be use as the soundtrack to Saw 3) clatter your ears into submission. But there's optimism too in the form of the album's standout effort, the mighty 'We Make Our Own Armour', a nine-minute monster that delicately builds until its massive sweeping crescendo takes your breath away. A stunning debut effort, check it out now.

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Princess is the alter ego of ex-Pitchshifter guitarist Matt Grundy. Following the acousic 'Forerunner', we're off into dense, sweeping soundscapes of computerized drumming and layers of guitars. Mixing his rockier influences with a strong electronica element adds extra dimensions to the music, at its most extreme 'The Black Outlines' coming over all Aphex Twin with crashing breakbeats and electronic noise. To sat this is all over the place is an understatement, but the eclecticism on show makes for and interestingly diverse rather than messy collection, Grundy's ear for a strong melody ensuring the record for the most part remains compelling.


  • Princess - Superstructure of an era

Princess - Superstructure of an era

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