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Lafaro are now back for their second release on Field Records and it's a blistering four track EP  of old school post hardcore sounds with just drums, guitars and big chunky distorted bass and  Jonny Black mangling his vocals like he’s got a mouth full of drill bits, believe me, it’s a good thing.  They sound like a Big Black in some garage rock hybrid blended with the explosive sounds of Girls Against Boys, Jesus Lizard, Mclusky and the likes of the Cows and other am rep artists.  

They are one of the finest Irish Alt rock bands you are likely to hear in quite a while.


LaFaro are a Northern Ireland trio armed with a bulging bagful of Steve Albini records welded into stoner riffs, replete with the knowledge to pull it off. Jonny Black may sound uncannily like a grungeoid James Nesbitt on 'Big Kevin', but the band's command of developed and unhinged rock 'n' roll is unquestionable



  • LaFaro - EP

LaFaro - EP

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