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Striking out from Belfast on a raft of youthful enthusiasm and with a sound built upon strong founding influences such as Fleetwood Mac and Oceansize through to Opeth and The Mars Volta; instrumental act Kasper Rosa have been moving from strength to strength since the release of their first EP. The boys have been packing-out gigs and receiving praise from their peers since their inception, so it was no surprise that they soon found themselves supporting Seattle favourites Earth at just their third ever gig, adding quickly to their growing impact on the circuit with a tour alongside English rockers Alright The Captain. All this whilst still being just a few months free of their creative womb.

Since their beginnings in April 2009 Dave Shannon, James Bruce, John Ryan McCormick and Steven Butler have been increasingly getting involved with various fronts on the music battle zone – from DJ-ing to playing launch nights around their native Belfast. On the media side of things they have been asked to record live sessions with Rory McConnell's BBC Introducing and Stephen McAuley's Electric Mainline.

The band recently performed with 65daysofstatic at Mandela Hall in Belfast. Throughout the rest of 2010 Kasper Rosa will be touring their wares extensively along the length and breadth of the UK, promoting EP2 and spreading the good word, including shows with Maybeshewill.

Kasper Rosa’s latest release - EP2 - is an intricate and epic journey that combines the best of post-rock, prog and rock, which leaves you with something undeniably addictive and beautiful. Songs like “Good Luck With David” are over 11-minutes and convey gorgeous melodic journeys, not far from bands like the legendary Aereogramme and Mogwai. Others like “Team Building Exercise” infuses the band’s love of rock and metal with nods to bands like Tool. These boys are flying the flag for instrumental music with a rockin’ soul and melodic class. EP2 is one of the finest things you’ll hear this year.


Kaper Rosa have brought another EP to the table with the minimalistic yet epic title of ‘EP2‘. Right away KR get into what they do best, which is epic toooons! Opening track brings a high tempo which is kind of new for the guys, but it’s a step in the right direction. Sometimes a flaw in instrumental can be that the music goes beyond epic and ends up being a little boring for the listener, not here though, this shit is cooked and ready for serving. It says there are 7 tracks on the EP and there really are 7 tracks. Amongst them are some very, very special ones, ‘Team Building Exercise‘ ‘There Is No Such Joy In The Tavern (As Upon The Road There To)‘ & ‘Good Luck With David’ are all massive and instant favourites.

Throughout the EP we hear new instruments for KR which i really hope we see in the live show as they will now feel lacking something if they’re not. While listening to this i had to keep checking back to see what track i was on. I think that’s a good thing? With different melodies in single tracks i sometimes just wasn’t to sure if i was on the same song, but i think perhaps i was lost in the new world that Kasper Rosa has just created around me.

Production on the EP is really pretty damn sweet! Clark Phillips really captured the guys and what they mean. Although if i’m to be picky (i don’t want to be, but i have to be) it’s maybe a bit too clean, however it is still really sexhot. There really was a lot to take on in this project. KR can’t be an easy band to record. Getting their wall of sound, piano, cello and creating what continually gave me goose-bumps is a massive achievement.

This 7 track EP lasts longer than a lot of modern albums and to be honest it conjures up more thoughts, emotions and mental visuals than most other albums too. Lasting over 39 minutes this could easily have been an album, but the boys are confident enough in their song writing that it’s not. Loved the beginning, the end and every beat, pluck & strum in between.

Kasper Rosa just put the EP in EPIC

[rating: 9/10]

Panic Dots

A cocktail of post-rock and prog rock is a deadly combination – not just for the ears, but for the mind too. Instrumental interludes conjoining with off-time deviances is tough stuff – but Kasper Rosa have got it right. ‘EP2’ opens with ‘Team Building Exercise’, a mish-mash of stop-start, Opeth-esque jarring chords, but they make the inaccessible accessible. It’s wise to wade through the other six tracks with a hint of care – including the bedtime soundtrack ‘Good Luck With David –, but this instrumental band have expertly struck the balance between hook and experimentation. That’s the first battle won, then.

The List

Hailing from Belfast, instrumental quartet Kasper Rosa showcase a great deal of dynamic intent, impressive musical nuance and subtlety here. Sat musically somewhere between Explosions In The Sky and fellow countrymen And So I Watch You From Afar, they are all at once chiming, shimmering and soaring – all the things a good postrock band should be – yet equally unafraid to get down and dirty by chucking in a gargantuan riff of Oceansize-esque proportions, or a doom-laden passage that builds to a cacophonous and apocalyptic crescendo. While this is ground the likes of Oceansize and Mogwai have plundered before, Kasper Rosa are worth watching out for.

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Kasper Rosa EP2

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