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Atlantis began life in the winter of 2005 as an instrumental electronic and rock solo project by Gilson C. Heitinga. The tracks started life in the studio for an instrumental film score in his head that tells a story of a dark journey through loss and decay. These songs are layers of heavy guitars, synths and samples and they form the backdrop of the new "Carpe Omnium" CD released on Field Records. The music straddles a wide range of musical genres and modes, while retaining a characteristically intense sound through instruments and a heavy use of electronics and electronic processing taking influences from bands like Massive Attack, Nine Inch Nails, Neurosis, Portishead, SWANS, Clint Mansell.

Gilson has now recruited Samir Bourgadha (guitar), Sander Bolk (electronics), Carlo Leijtens (drums) and Gido Leijtens (guitar) for the first Atlantis live show at the prestigious Dutch 2007 ZXZW-Festival with more live dates to follow soon.

The release date is set for 29th October 2007 so just sit back and enjoy the ride!


Labelmates Atlantis are in fact a one-man project turned full live band. Don't let the ice cream shades of Carpe Omnium's (7) cover art misleasd you - the instruments inside are, while manifesting an elusive sweetness, predominantly dark and foreboding, albeit in reverberating, dusky, multicolour beauty. Feels the way 4AD stuff did decades ago. 

Terrorizer  (May 2008)


The instrumental soundscapes of Atlantis are not boring per se, but neither do they reach out and grab you by the throat. With 'Carpe Omnium' sole member Gilson C. Heitinga has created a record that blurs the lines between electronica and post-rock with generally positive results. When 'This is Heavy' and 'Constantinople' shift out of first gear, their combination of driving guitars and skittering electronics brings to mind the multi-layered majesty of 65daysofstatic.  But not every track rises to the occasion, many seem plesant but somehow lacking. So while Atlantis displays potential, 'Carpe Omnium' feels more like a work in progress than a final product.

For fans of: 65daysofstatic, Mogwai, The Album Leaf


Rock Sound

  • Atlantis - Carpe Omnium

Atlantis - Carpe Omnium

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