Shogun's Decapitator

Shogun's Decapitator are:

Bruce Goodenough : Drums, Guitar , Field Recordings
Peter Rowland : Bass
Joseph McCabe : Guitar
Adam Hart : Guitar, Electronics
Thomas Leivers : Guitar
Jack Willetts : Field Recordings, Electronics

Guest Musicians :

Daniel Bridgewood Hill - Guitar on CROSS, Violin on SWAN
Samuel Knight - Guitar on CROSS

The beginnings of The Shogun's Decapitator came into being many moons ago when four friends were brought together in the '90's by a collective love of rock music, set against the backdrop of the Black Country town of Stourbridge; a town of sh*tty clubs and bars playing sh*tty dance music. 

Borne out of their musical frustration, by 2006, the story of the Shoguns' sound was unfolding as the unique stylings and party attitude of the band began to emerge. 

The sound embodies late-nineties adolescence, combining the musical staples of hip-hop and house, all channelled through dudes who only know how to play rock. Angular abrasive loops, expansive progressive guitar movements and phat car-boot-subwoofer bass lines are all driven into the earth by slammin' beats. Far removed from the sounds you would expect from members of Opium Lord, Mothertrucker, Diamonds and The Pen Wears The Trousers.

Despite playing and touring across the UK and Europe with the likes of Tera Melos, Theo, Crash of Rhinos and Errors to name but a few, the band are more proud about what they have achieved in helping to drive the DIY scene through Carnage Club in their home town of Stourbridge. Being a band who avoid Facebook spam and self promotion, The Shoguns have developed their sound and hard earned reputation over a decade of playing together and are now the go-to party band for promoters whose audience are looking to throw some shapes on a Saturday night! 

Over time the band has developed, improved and refined their sound into these 9 tracks; each track is named after a different drinking establishment on the Hagley Road crawl in Stourbridge and was inspired by the experiences the band had on nights out during their formative years growing up. In spite of the highly personal subject matter of the album, the music and the Shogun's story encapsulates the zeitgeist of adolescence, of growing up, isolated in a small-minded town with sh*tty bars and clubs and of striving for better through independence and creative integrity. In this way, Head Hunting, is an allegory which anyone can relate to and involves it's listeners in forming part of a wider collective memory. 

Close your eyes. Dance like everyone's watching. Reach for the lasers. Safe as f*ck!

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Shoguns Decapitator - Head Hunting

Shoguns Decapitator - Head Hunting

We are proud to present 'Head Hunting', a new album from 'The Shogun's Decapitator'. With a release ..


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