Viola Dub

Line Up

Tsar Mutt Bass

Stevie  Drums

Adam Vocals, Electronica, effects, gadgets and guitar

Ruth Vocals, Child Prodigy Midget

Kenny Guitars

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An epic, left-field sound, full of melody and fire, harnessed around dark poetry and simmering dynamics

Drums, bass, guitar, electronica, vocals, gadgets and gizmos - fuck with the tired, tried and tested group dynamic; bring rhythm into the foreground, driven and passion fuelled, and build twisted song structures around the vibrant heart of the music.

A stream of beautiful, angry, left-field, experimentally infused songs running through the collective sound....we belive in DIY, in collaboration, in the beauty of creative art untainted by the instrumental grip of finance. Any bands, artists, believers and lovers of music wanting to get in touch, organise events, create some havoc through art then bring it on!

Karhide / Viola Dub Split 7"

Karhide / Viola Dub Split 7"

You can also download as MP3 from: Amazon iTunes Bandcamp  Karhide - Every huma..


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