Score One For Safety

Line Up

Simon Thomas Vocals

Mark Thomas Guitar

Robin Webster Guitar

Omeed RK Bass

Sam Ostrove Drums

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What you cant help but admire about Barnets Score One For Safety is their braveness; to stand before a crowd of rabid punk fans and spend five minutes building up a thoughtful, somewhat surreal blend of chiming, rippling guitars takes a lot of front. And their experimental sound almost works as they build to a dense soundscape punctuated by a cappella singing before dissolving into screams. They unleash a barrage of screams, pounding drums and more sonic guitars Yet in the same vein as bands like Devil Sold His Soul, theres also something strangely soothing about Score One For Safety, and if you close your eyes and let the sound envelope you its almost like being underwater. But as quickly as they can be gentle they can just as soon be feverish and abrasive, as the singer contorts and screams like a child having a tantrum.

Fight Fire With Water / Score One For Safety Split 7"

Fight Fire With Water / Score One For Safety Split 7"

You can also download as MP3 from: Amazon iTunes Bandcamp Fight Fire With Water - in..


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