Old Basford

Line Up

Dan Vocals/Guitar

Nick Percussion/Vocals

Chis Bass

Ceri Drums

Nick Acons Peddle Slide

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OLD BASFORD: Where the grease and groove of early ZZ Top and Little Feat are welded to the 12 cylinder engine of hardcore nineties rock, you will find Old Basford sweating out their dirt in the urban swamps of inner city Nottingham. A 4-piece of deep grooves and ferocious mood swings, reminding you of a time when rock didn't have full body waxing. When the influences of a band stretched beyond the newly-bought lifestyle of a t-shirt, this year's tattoo/piercing and the revisionist namedropping of so many new bands. Old Basford are the real thing. Schizo vocals: smooth falsetto to primal roars. Bubbling basslines interweaving between the razor guitars while the drums lock and unleash the band's unique power. As the Blues revival rolls on in full swing, Old Basford are the right band at the right time. Their music carries the authenticity of days gone by, but their sound makes them contenders in the arena NOW! If you've heard The White Stripes or Queens of the Stone Age you'll know that this isn't the blues wheel being reinvented; this is a fresher, reinvigorated take on the sound that launched and sustains all popular music. The vital boogie of Old Basford is what you need: what we all need......... ...

Old Basford - Red Mist

Old Basford - Red Mist

* Bonus Food in the Fields video You can also download as MP3 from: Amazon Bandcamp ..


Old Basford / Grain Split 7"

Old Basford / Grain Split 7"

You can also download as MP3 from: Amazon Bandcamp Old Basford - Where the grease an..


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