Line Up

Dave Wright Guitar and Vocals

Dan Hawkins Drums

Rsyzard Pawel Debno Krzyzanowski Bass

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Dobermann - A fissiped mammal with non-retractable claws squeezed into a 3 piece rock beat combo, have pinned firmly to the mast their riff based wizardry. No spell to difficult cast, no voyage too treacherous to undertake, these men are hell bent on delivering the finest quality riffage this fair and pleasant land can offer. With an unlikely background in Martial arts and Military service, Dobermann create what can be described as Rock music, the way it should be, without a can of hairspray, or sniff of spandex in sight. Beware you have been warned

DeaTH oF LonDoN / Dobermann Split 7"

DeaTH oF LonDoN / Dobermann Split 7"

You can also download as MP3 from: Amazon iTunes Bandcamp A renegade juggernaut tear..


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