deaTh OF LonDON

Line Up

Freddy Freddy Lobos Drums

Fraser West Bass

Scott West Guitar

Dave Wright Guitar

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//deaTh OF LonDON is just a loud roCk group // and they reset their profile views apparently, aint they just the punks // greetings my friends, so you wanna know about the skeptiC's phenomenon know as deaTH of LONdon eh? // // initially ConCeived at a methodist Centre gig in september 2006, the tangible form transpired in february 2007 to unleash the dreamt about potential and here it now is. // wow! aren't figures and faCts great? // five or six praCtiCes later they only went and reCorded "a pound. a bite." at dub:rek studios in derBy. // not only did it sound good, field reCords wanted to put it out on the streets with fellow x-TEAM member hot new band "dobermaNN" on a sexy split 7" vinyl. // // dOl, as they are known to their friends, have Completed a tour, supported sepultura and Conquered Jersey // they are Currently holed up in an ale and smoke filled room writing new songs and will be in a sweaty pit near you very soon. // that is all for now, Freddy Freddy Lobos // oCt 2007 //

DeaTH oF LonDoN / Dobermann Split 7"

DeaTH oF LonDoN / Dobermann Split 7"

You can also download as MP3 from: Amazon iTunes Bandcamp A renegade juggernaut tear..


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